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Otto zutz


OTTO ZUTZ Barcelona: Free Entry Every Night + Skip the Line otto zutz Otto Katz, also known as André Simone amongst other aliases, was born in Jistebnice south of Prague, Bohemia, on May 27, 1895.He was hanged on December 3, 1952, after he was convicted in the Slánský trial.He was one of the most influential agents of the … Zutz - Restaurant Gelsenkirchen | German & Mediterranean Otto Zutz Feb 21, 11:55 PM – Feb 22, 6:00 AM "LISTA OTTO" / "OTTO GUESTLIST" GRATIS hasta la 1h o 12€/1copa hasta las 2h FREE till 1.00 am or 12€/1drink until 2am Otto Zutz Club (Barcelona) - All You Need to Know BEFORE otto zutz Buy tickets for NYE 2019 - OTTO ZUTZ - OPENING DOORS 00.30 on Tue, 31 Dec 2019. A great hip hop party with the best line up: undefined. Dont miss it! Otto Zutz Club | Official Web Otto Zutz is a great club, you have 3 rooms with 3 sorts of music, so you can go with friends even if you dont have same tastes. If you afraid by the negatives opinions, you can go to Youbarcelona website (easy if you search in google) and join his guestlist in order to enter … Otto Zutz - Upcoming Events & Tickets for 2020/2021 Otto Zutz is situated in an old textile factory on Lincoln street , its original three floor structure recreated a typical New York industrial style.The open space, with no obstructions, is decorated with cement, pilars, metal fences, iron beams and a domed ceiling made out of brick. Concerts and fashion events. NYE 2019 - OTTO ZUTZ - OPENING DOORS 00.30 | Tickets Otto Zutz Barcelona Club is the best Hip-Hop and RnB club in Barcelona. With its casual dress code, three floors with different music and a wide range of high quality drinks, it’s the best spot for partying. If you love Hip Hop and dancing with a young crowd, Otto Zutz is the right place for you. Otto Zutz club & disco in Barcelona The Otto Zutz Club was inaugurated in June 1985, creating a new revolutionary concept in the field of nightlife in the city of Barcelona. Occupying an old textile factory on Lincoln Street 15, its initial structure of two floors with mezzanines, recreated the typical New York industrial environment, based on open spaces decorated with hard materials, cement, cast iron pillars, metal bars, iron OTTO ZUTZ - STONERS NIGHT SPECIAL PARTY - *limited Zutz Address Rottmannsiepe 1, 45894 Gelsenkirchen, Deutschland E-mail Phone number +4920927550234 District court Gelsenkirchen Commercial register number HRB 14179 VAT ID 319/5758/5503 Responsible person Zutz Gastro GmbH Additional information Geschäftsführung: Liane Bottermann, Thomas Wondorf. Close Otto Katz - Wikipedia Find out the event agenda of Otto Zutz that has 1 events for 2020 and 2021. The venue is located at C/ Lincoln, 15 in Barcelona, Sarrià Sant Gervasi. Get the directions and the map here. We have 1 events for Otto Zutz: Yolo
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